Heulend Horn [Symphonic Dark]

A new project by Friedrich Curwenius, the only member of Mitternacht, has taken shape. Mitternacht is a symphonic dark ambient band whose first release was launched on June 10th, 2002. Now, Friedrich Curwenius is opening wide his musical range through Heulend Horn, a project inspired in Graveland, Lord Wind, Bergthron, Wyrd, Summoning and many others pagan/epic black bands. The main difference between these projects consists of the guitar sound and the grim vocals that will prevale in Heulend Horn’s tracks, reaching the black metal, but keeping epic melodies and rhythms. Along 2002, Curwenius composed and arranged 5 songs, with a total time of 47 minutes. The material was introduced to Furias Records under the name of Heulend Horn, who agreed to release the work as soon as possible. A session vocalist -Vargulf- was called to join recording trials, in order to perform the grim vocals. Further arrangements brought another session vocalist, Lord Edwar, who performed the very few clean voices along the CD.

official Website: http://listen.to/heulendhorn

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