Irreverence [ThrashMetal]

The band was formed in 1995 by the vocalist/guitarist Ricky Paioro. In 1997 the band was completly formed: Ricky at the guitar & voice, Davide Firinu at drums, Giuliano Strozzi at bass guitar and Luca Petrazzuolo at lead guitar.

In February 1998 the band released a demo called simply „Demo 1998“ and less than one year after, they released another demo „Demo 1999“ which allow to the band to sign a record deal with a new-born label „Stonehenge Records“.

The style they played at that time was a mix between thrash-metal and death-metal enriched by melodic parts and song writing arrangiaments.

In 2000 they entered the studio to record their first full-lenght „Totally Negative Thoughts“. For this work all the songs of the first two demos were rearranged and recorded again. The songs, taken from the previous demos, sounds confused due to a bad production, and only Ricky’s vocals and Luca’s soloing raise up the general quality of the production. A cover version of legendary Sodom’s song „Agent Orange“ was included.

Unfortunately „Totally Negative Thoughts“ was not well-supported due to a lack of live shows and promotion by the Label, but it was essential to spread band’s name. Many songs taken from this release are still included in every live performance of the band.

The darkest period was in winter 2001, due to misunderstangins inside the line up and with the record company: the bass player Giuliano left the band at the beginning of 2001. Luca P. did the same few time later, due to deep differences of musical and personal opinions.

Just Ricky and Davide remained to carry on the band, and they began to search other members to complete the Irreverence line-up. At the end of 2001 they found in Mauro Passiatore (former member of the band L’Ordadunto) a new bass player for the band, and a couple of months after the line-up was completed with Stefano Bertolotti (ex-Rune) at the lead guitar.

The brand new line-up was able to count on a higher technical and compositive level, and the combo started to compose new material for the successor of „Totally Negative Thoughts“. The songwriting saw the contribution of all the band as never before: until that moment Ricky was the composer of the totality of the music. The new line-up was: Ricky Paioro (vc/gtr), Davide Firinu (dr), Mauro Passiatore (bs) and Stefano Bertolotti (lead gtrs).

In summer 2002 Irreverence entered the studio. The recording session of the second album has been planned at Spiderhouse Studios in Lutte (Berlin) with the invaluable work of Harris Johns. „Target: Hate“, this is the name of their 2nd work, was out in February 2003 as an selfproduction. The style seems to be a mix between bay area thrash-metal with a furious and aggressive interpretation of the 80’s european thrash metal. Another cover, aversion of classic Death’s song „Pull The Plug“, was chose to close the new work.

„Target: Hate“ has been well-supported by live shows and promotion. They began to expand out of Lombardia, reaching out the south of Italy a lot of times, properly supported by Necrotorture Agency.

In October 2003, Stefano left Irreverence due to a different approach to the project between him and the others. Irreverence played 2 memorables shows in Naples and Isernia with a three-men line-up, the only ones in Irreverence’s life.

In December 2004 the band found in Luca Colombo, an old friend of ‚em, the fourth man to complete again the line-up. The true supporting tour for „Target:Hate“ began on February 2004. It was named „Hate Brigade Tour 2004“ and it was a ten-dates tour. During that tour they played with bands as Tankard, Necrodeath, Node, Extrema, Raw Power and many more.

‚Till now „Target: Hate“ has been supported with over 40 gigs and a lot of reviews with excellent critics. The last chapter of the live campaign for „Target: Hate“ has been the appearance on Metal Camp 2005 stage in Slovenia with bands as Slayer, Obituary and Anthrax.

Now the band is ready for a new release: „War Was Won“, the second full-lenght in Irreverence’s history. It can be described as a mixture of styles between „Totally Negative Thoughts“ and „Target: Hate“ and musically it’s absolutely the best Irreverence’s album

With the great production signed by Harris Johns at the Spiderhouse and Music Lab Studios in Berlin, Irreverence are running over the clichè of the thrash-metal. The new songs are a little bit death-metal oriented, but preserving the thrashing style that have marked the previous works. This album will be a big surprise for all. They are actually planning a brand new promotional tour in Italy and Europe, avail theirselves of the precious work of the On Dead Sound Agency to promote their new album.

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