Kathaarsys [BlackMetal]

Kathaarsys started its career in 2002 beginning from the ashes of the Gothic-Doom band Elsenor, with the idea of starting an original and high-quality music project. The leadership was taken by J.L. Montans and the election of the other members was subjected to the inalienable purpose of reaching a professional sound and a great execution quality. Portrait of Wind and Sorrow is our first and, at present, only full-length record. This professional album embodies the inner spirit that has accompanied the band from its birth. And within it, many years of hard work and dedication can be appreciated. The album was recorded between September/October 2004 in the Lithium Studios of Pontevedra and mastered in Cantabria. Kathaarsys would rather avoid categorizing its music as black metal. No political ideology is supported in our lyrics, it is the ancestral Galician countryside who inspires them. The Kathaarsys line-up has been renewed in this way: -J.L.Montans: guitar and voice -X.Alonso: guitar -A.Hernandez: drums -M.Barcia: bass guitar

official Website: http://www.myspace.com/kathaarsys

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