Lord [BlackMetal]

In March 1987, Lord Charon entered his first band, MEGATHRASH, as guitarist/singer. This band was mainly influenced by Destruction, Kreator, Slayer, Dark Angel and Living Death. MEGATHRASH was a Thrash Metal band with a Black Metal voice.

Six months later, Lord Charon created his own band THESPIAN BLOW with more personal influences like Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Possessed, Sodom, Sarcofago, Mercyful Fate, Bulldozer, Running Wild, Vulcano, and bands less known at this time like Mayhem, Obscurity, Necrodeath, Black Shepherd (Bel), Poison (Ger), Ixion (Fra), Outrage (Ger), Preacher (U.S.A.). These bands only had one or two demos then, THESPIAN BLOW splitted up a while after.

In August 1990, Lord Charon joined SEPULCHRAL, a Death Metal band, as bassist. But he still intended to form a black metal band.

During 1993, LORD CHARON met COUNTESS HOGGSOGOTH. Together they decided to compose new songs in a Black Metal style, under the name of FUNERAL PYRES.

Then, during the winter of 1994, the band was completed by the arrival of KLEUDDE (guitars), and MORGRYN (drums). FUNERAL PYRES then became LORD. With the lineup ready, they released, in October 1995, their 1st demo which brought the band to get a contact on Neat/Eldethorn Records (U.K).

After the recording of the demo, KLEUDDE and MORGRYN were replaced by TIPHERETH (drums) and ARAGORN (guitars).

In July ’97, the band entered the studio to record their debut album „Behind The Curtain Of Darkness“. During this time, a second guitarist, THE NAZGUL, joined LORD. ARAGORN left the band in December 1997, before the release of the album in February ’98.

The band welcomed SAMIGINA (guitars) in April, to replace ARAGORN, to work on new songs and to prepare live performances.

In November 1998, LORD started to play live with the new members. From 1998 to the middle of 1999, five concerts took palce in France and Belgium.

In July 1999, the drummer TIPHERETH left the band for personal reasons, and has been replaced in September by ARMAGEDDON.

A Promo Recording has been released in April 2000, featuring two titles from the second album. After that, some gigs took place in France and Belgium, where Lord always received a good praise from the public.

In 2001 and 2002, the band had once again many changes. Changes of Line-up, but also of musical style.

LORD decided to leave The Nazgûl, one of the two guitarists, during summer 2001. It’s at that date that LORD started to rethink it’s music. In that process, Countess Hoggsogoth left the keybords to play the guitars. The result is a more pure Black / Thrash sound with no compromise.

The band also decided not to release „Proclamation Of Balthar Enthroned“, the second album, to focus on new songs, taking advantage of the new line-up and style.

The result will be another release, maybe around 2003, as the band is now recording.

Updated the 17th of November 2002, Armageddon.

„We are LORD. We are invincible, Black ‚till Death !“

official Website: http://lord.blackmetal.online.fr

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