Los asesinos de la superficialidad [Hardcore]

Los asesinos de la superficialidad started in september 2000 with Pascal on vocals, René on bass, Ferry on guitar and Sjakie a.k.a. Richard on drums. This Line-up is still intact today.

Pascal: formerly in Office killer and other bands, current other bands: Grinding halt, RCA.

René: formerly in Office killer and other bands, current other bands: The last mile, Grinding halt. Sjakie: formerly in de Pislarven and many other bands, current other band: Mindföck.

Ferry: formerly in Gonzales, Katzenjammer kids, Nekschot,current other band: Dandare.

We had no set ideas about the music, we just started making songs wich sounded right to us. In may 2001 we recorded 6 songs, 2 of which will be released on DP-sampler #4, 4 will be released on 7″.


life is an ongoing struggle between superficiality and depth. between indifference towards and deep emotional attachment to the conditions, situations, circumstances, problems of the world that surrounds us. too strong a tie to the worldly condition can make one go insane. but if one surrenders to superficiality, indifference, then all hope of building a better world is thereby forfeited. in a time of multiple obligations, of continuous struggle subsistence and existence, of time pressures, of appalling massiveness and powerlessness, of systematic oppression; in such a time, a profound emotional bond with societal and natural conditions may be the only thing that will still arm us with the desire to precipitate action.

official Website: http://losasesinos.tk

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