ManoN [BlackMetal]

I composed the early songs in 1995. Playing alone without recording satisfied me for two years, but when I found that I had a good number of songs, I wanted to record some tracks. So I began to search for elements to form a Black Metal band in which play them. Not finding, in the course of some months I decided to become an one man project, chosing ManoN as monicker. ManoN is, in my personal neopagan vision (crossing between rationality and spirituality, which I’m inspired by for the most of my lyrics), the unifying Spirit of the 4 elements of Nature, which cult for originates by the convinction of both Nature and human soul immortality. „The Ancient Spirit of Nature“ demo (1999) contains songs from 1995 to 1998, it’s my only release at the time, but since 1995 ‚til now I composed about 20 songs, evolving to an evermore pure, „cold“ and simple structured Black Metal .

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