Meltdown [HeavyMetal]

The MELTDOWN history begins in middle 1996, when Bruno, Thales e Julio formed a Heavy Metal band called “Blood Course” that broke up a short time due immaturity and inexperience of the members. After that, each one followed his way and improved on his respective instrument.

Past 5 years, in middle 2002, they reunite back in a project called “WTC”, where they just played covers, so started the MELTDOWN spark. Stating that they were in a higher level of experience than the past years and feeling a great displease with the actual musical scene full of modernism, Thales and Julio decided to form a traditional Heavy Metal band and called Bruno at the time was playing in another band (“Stormdiamond”), to form the MELTDOWN main core, in early 2003.

Thales and Julio begun the first band compositions, „Flames of Fate“, „Wanted“ and „Breaking the Time“; excited with songs initial results, they decided to get in the studio to finish the compositions e start the bass and vocal selection process to complete the line-up. In despite, since the beginning they wish a female vocalist, some tests were done with male vocals, but didn’t please the band, keep on searching for a vocal until, after 4 months, Simone assumes the vocalist post helping in the songs development and the creation of new compositions such “Forever a Rebel”, „Meltdown“, „Grayish Skies”, „In the Heart of the Storm“ and „Higher than You”, most of composed by Thales and Bruno.

Thales has the idea of the name which is well accepted by the rest of the band, but was still missing the bass. After several bassists that didn’t establish, Felipe who already played with Bruno, get in the band playing the first gig and helping in the recording of the first demo in late 2003.

It’s important to detail that this demo just aim for publishing the band and our first songs in the metal scene, and it hasn’t the intention of a “cd” or an “ep” made in an independent way, because our objective is reach for something bigger in the future and don’t content in releasing many demos and more demos getting to nowhere. The lack of resources, support or even a definitive line-up, could discourage us putting us out of our way, but instead, those difficulties just push us so far ahead, clearing our objective to take the Heavy Metal to all who want to face it, not just as another musical style, but also as a way of life.

Metal’s Pride !!!

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