Mitternacht [Symphonic Black]

Mitternacht was created along 2001, by the conception of Friedrich Curwenius, the only member and composer. Music is mostly instrumental, with ambiental voices (synth and human). Style is diverse, but centered in dark (even doom in some passages) and black melodies, with fast drums, where appear. However, Mitternacht must be considered as involved in the ambient metalenvironment, with symphonic black and doom influences. There is no guitar sound in current material.

Its music is inspired on those keyboards introductions that opened a lot of black metal releases, along with percussion greatly influenced by symphonic black metal too.

On the first months of 2002, a demo (that it will become Mitternacht’s first release) was presented to Furias Records, and the label agreed to release the complete work.

At this moment, with the first full lenght CD just released, F. Curwenius has the material for the second CD already composed.

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