Mort [DeathMetal]

Mort’s history began in June 2000 when Ludvig (drums) joined the original line-up of Dzik (bass/voc) and Igor (guitars). They called themselves Razor and started to perform live. After a year of playing together personal reasons forced Dzik to quit. Previously Razor had made several shows- playing two hours live at „Selles Festival“ (Plock) or winning the „Rock Bands Tournament“ (Radom) to mention just a few. The band’s discography consisted of two CDs- „Vice of Virtue“ and „Live“ (live material +bonus- ten minute film and home-recorded version of „Lanoline“, which was also published with „Estrada i Studio“, famous Polish music magazine).

Igor and Ludvig decided to go on with the band and started to look for some new musicians. They also dropped some part of the material and began to write new stuff.

The band was revived in November 2001 and named Mort. The main reason to change the name was the existence of several other bands called „Razor“, which in its nature was contrary to bands originality.

The line-up was completed when Simon joined on bass/guitars in June 2002.

Band’s first official demo was relased in November 2003. The CD is entitled „Rapid Development Of Elite“ and contains seven tracks.

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