Motorhell [HardRock]

Formed around the Winter Solstice of ’01 by two old buddies and experienced dabblers in rock music, Motorhell is a mixture of catchy tunes, unfashionable rock accessories, and a retarded sense of humour (or reality).

Although quite short, the band’s career has been filled with strange co-incidences and bouts of black humour. As if the strikingly low probability of forming a decent band at a late-night drinking session at one of the seediest bars in Hellsinki were not enough, the band has gone through a series of mysterious personnel changes, enduring difficulties with electricity, missing demo material and so on, ad infinitum. As if someone wanted them to maintain their cult status.

Motorhell started their road to ruin with a massive propaganda campaign. Flyers and posters in places where they couldn’t be seen. Classy t-shirts and a promotional tour to obscure Siberian villages. Midnight whispers into innocent ears. And a grand web-page complex resembling a universe of its own (unfortunately no longer available online due to legal reasons). This preliminary madvertising mission completed, the trio started to concentrate on songwriting, which resulted in the recording of their first promotional EP, “Hell Bloody Hell”.

Hank Pain – Drums & Kirves
C. Morgan – Bass & Confusion
Kid Disaster – Vocals & Guitar

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