Mournful Gust [Doom-Metal]

Ukrainian doom metal band MOURNFUL GUST came together in 1999 featuring ex-members of other local bands: Temple Of Oblivion and Vae Solis. In a period of one year the line-up has finally been completed and songs for the future album have been written. The debut album “She’s My Grief” has been recorded in 2000 at Jazz Club Studio in a native city Krivoy Rog. At the end of this year the album will be out on local label Metal Force Records. The circulation has been released on MC and is now available through musicians of a group only. In 2002 after several concerts supporting the album the band breaks up. Two years later musicians decide to revive the group and with the Russian label Metal Agen Records (a division of Soyuz) in 2005 the contract has been signed. The same year the album ”She’s My Grief” has been released on CD with a different cover artwork and design.

From official press-release of MetalAgen Records: “The long-term contract with the legendary Ukrainian doom-gothic band MOURNFUL GUST has been signed. The album stood in MetalAgen’s plans for a long time, but because of a sudden leaving of the manager of the band, mutual relation with a label and have not been issued officially. And only in connection with revival of collective this cooperation has got a real embodiment. Music of Ukrainians is based on creativity of such creative geniuses, as My Dying Bride, Tristania, etc. In a few words: a crying violin, whined guitars, a female vocal and man’s growling together with denial from a life, full of grief and sadness a recitative.”

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