Nightfall [BlackMetal]

Nightfall founded in the early days of the last decade of the millenium. Four young people with the only, sacred aim to create a small community; a sanctuary for their precious thoughts, dreams, theories and other sensible like the negative film things to sun light. They introduced themselves to the world through the one and only demo release, Vanity. That tape was „officially“ released for almost 2 months only. It was then that Holy records, Paris, France got in touch offering the four promising Greeks a better chance to take over the world. The result? Quite fancy indeed. Parade Into Centuries album; a gloomy piece of art that made a lot of people wondering how a band from the „sunny“ Greece may sound so pesimistic and dark. How little they knew really!.. Parade Into Centuries has been not only Nightfall’s debut but also Holy record’s one. Furthermore, it was the first ever-international release by a Greek metal band! The milestone of the Greek scene indeed!

The very next year the band socked everybody with the release of Macabre Sunsets. It was an experimental album; it was -and still is- a real challenge for the listener! It seemed that both pain and misery that over runs the debut album has turned into violence and hate. A transformation so real in life, yet so difficult and „uncompromising“ in the music industry! It was a breathy fact that Nightfall was not an ordinary band; it was not an artificial team of musicians looking after success! The most important element when you are doing art is the feeling; it is the emotion that makes you move, think, and differ from anything still around you. Art is a bloody grotesque thing alike its inventor. Human!

Eons Aura was the next step; a maxi CD with four tracks of which two are covers. That release was dedicated to the first ever tour of the band around Europe (headlining), Macabre Dance Tour. The two covers were Manowar’s Thor and Army of Lovers‘ Until the day Gods Help us All! Both tracks performed in a unique way only Nightfall can do. A release that included all the pure energy a Nightfall release does despite its limited time (app. 20 min).

Keep on not paying any attention to the trends of the market, Nightfall serve to the world the apocalyptic Athenian Echoes in 1996. An album quite like the Pandora’s box; once you open it never closes! Reviews and more reviews came up to describe the feeling flowing from Athenian’s tracks. However, none of them looked like the other. Too many critics speaking and writing about the very same album. Yet, too many things uncommon in their written thoughts. It was the time everybody understood what Nightfall is all about; art cannot be reviewed by a soul less piece of plastic upon a dead, already, paper sheet. It needs to adore her, falling in love with her and then start speaking words of wisdom that nobody else understands! Athenian Echoes was the Art in its entire spectrum. It wasn’t a diamond just because diamonds have no soul!

Lesbian Show is maybe the most provocative production of the already matured quartet. For the very first time the band made the recordings outside Greece. Tico Tico studio, in Lapland (Finland) had been the nest of the southern musicians during their effort to come up with the follow-up to Athenian Echoes. It was the heavy weather or the heavy lyrics that turned Lesbian Show into an extreme piece of modern goth-metal? Nobody knows really. The music was the perfect soundtrack for Efthimis‘ weird, sick, full of passion poems. A shallow listen doesn’t allow you to enter the band’s mood, but only to start dreaming wet pictures, which unfortunately for some people have nothing to do with the whole atmosphere and the metaphorical concept of the album. This time it is clear that words lead whilst music follow; words are us, the real thing, whilst our music is our clothes! Modern poetry has found her beloved admirer!..

Millenium breathes its last moments. Electronegative comes like Hermes in ancient Greece to bring the news to the gods. Four tracks that sound as fresh and promising as the first minutes of the next millenium will do. A first taste of what is about to follow? Probably. A piece of art that soon will become a piece of cult; a piece of black leather cult! Man owes to evolve otherwise dies. Nightfall is maybe one of the very few acts in today’s „music game“ that keep the flame in their fans‘ hearts burning. One of the very few -unfortunately- acts that even if they let you sometime down it will be for just make you feel even better later! Moreover, it will be done with style!..

After almost a decade Nightfall is still the top name of a record label so good and unique. The leading band of Holy records; the HOLY KINGS are here to stay! With three headlining European tours and other shows with bands like Slayer, Paradise Lost, Rage, Saxon, etc prove that European metal is not only about fluffy melodies and shinny riffs!

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