The band was established in 1996 bares the name NIGHTSHADE. Band members at that time was Hishamuddin(drums), Mahathir(guitar), Shaharudin(guitar), Hiswandy(bass)& Shahrizam(vocal). The band’s progress was temporarily interrupted by the departure of most of their band members due to locations and at that time everybody was busy finding their way trough the job market. Their last gig was in 1998, Kuantan, Malaysia with local metal scene bands Negation, Cryptic Malediction, Tasyim and Laknath among others. A new chapter of the band was created in 2006 (after was halted for 7 years) with a new line-up, new approach to their music and.. hence the name NIGHTSHADERS was born, in line with the changes in style, influences and band members. The current line-up (2006) Kamal :: Freako (guitars), Ed(guitars), Khairil :: Cimpeng (bass), Hishamuddin :: Mudon (drums), Shahrizam :: Baby (vocals) :: throw some of your comments to us, appriciate the support! ::

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