Project Havoc [Brutal/Death/Grind]

Project Havok was first created in summer 2002 and it started as a side-project of Gerasimos (PA.T.H) and Andrew (ex-PA.T.H, Hedon Cries). Natural born blastfreaks, they were both seeking for something more extreme and far more brutal than their other bands!

Until summer’s end and after putting down some riffs, 3 songs are already set up but right after that, the whole thing “freezes” for a while mostly because of the activity with the previous bands.

Havok rises again in autumn 2003. The 2 disgusting blastfreaks write 3 more songs and they finally gather to make a recording (March 2004). The session ends up to the “Severely Damaged” demo 2004.

The target was simple and clear from the beginning:

Hyper-weight, extreme, brutal music! Splatter lyrics, catchy riffs leading to raw-strength tracks; Brutal Death Grind, Brutal Havoc Massacre!

The “Severely Damaged” demo line up is this:
&#x Andreas (kafros): Guitars, voices
&#x Gerasimos (kreas): Bass, drum programming

With the addition of 3 more disgusting and psycho blastfreaks, Project Havok are now whole and have already started to give live shows in several cities here in Greece! We’re growing stronger every day…

That is all for now! Enjoy Havok Brutalz! Thanx in advance for your support…

Support Brutality and Contact Us:
&#x Vitoratos Spyros Gerasimos

10, Eupalinou str.

26441 Patras, Greece
&#x Sinigalias Andreas

81, Georgiou Olympiou str.

26222 Patras, Greece
&#x e-mail:

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