Reclusion [ThrashMetal]

The early days: Reclusion was formed in August 1998 with the ambition was to put together a band where all members shared the same goals and had the same visions concerning the future. A funny thing in all this, is that all of the non Swedes (FIN, PL and N) have played with each other in different configurations previously. And their paths had crossed again, altogether. Rehearsal, metal shop, recordings and old friends…Due to hard work and high ambitions (then under the name Dawn of Time) was ready to record a demo. In May ´99 they entered „Los Angered Recording“ to record the debut demo entitled „A force of one“.The demo was recorded together with Andy la Rocque of King Diamond/Death as the producer and engineer. All band members agreed that the recording had to be good enough to give the band a record contract. That is also how it turned out. The band sent demos to different record companies and it resulted in three record deal offers. All reviews in magazines and on the internet where very good. Reclusion have known Andy for several years, all members have been recording their demos with recent bands through the early days, so the decision where to record was easy.


After a time of negotiations and comparing artist agreements, Reclusion decided September ´99 to sign for Loud ´n Proud Records. A vinyl single was released on their sublabel Underground loudness. The full length album „Shell of Pain“ was recorded during February-Mars 2000, again in the famous Los Angered Recording (produced by Andy la Rouque) and was planned to be released in May 2000. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the album never was released by Loud n´ Proud Records and Reclusion decided to look for another label that could give them the support they needed to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Deal Part II

The quest for a second record deal begun. After being in contact with several labels, Reclusion signed with French Listenable Records. A decision was made that the album needed more aggressive sound, so a remix session was scheduled. Together with Risza, live engineer for Hardcore Superstars and producer/engineer for Psycore, they gave the necessary boost to the album. The making of „Shell of Pain“ finally ended in July 2001 and the album is set to be released in October 2001. Reviews, opinions, critique Reclusion have already a loyal group of fans all over the world, thanks to their page. They posted their demosong free for download and got over 1000 downloads per month summing all Reclusion downloads to 8000 under a two year period. Being compared to artists like Slayer, Testament etc. by the fans, the word spread quickly about the band being the next great thrash act to happen. All the reviews for their demo in magazines and internet ´zines where great, so the metal scene was eagerly waIting for the album.

Live shows etc

Reclusion had the opportunity to visit France, Belgium and Germany for a short mini tour in the mid of October. Banging their heads together with the European grind monsters: Aborted and Pyaemia. There have also been gigs together with great bands such as The Haunted and Evergrey in Sweden. There are more gigs planned or almost planned during the winter season around Sweden, and probably more gigs around Europe during the beginning of 2002.

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