Reviolence [ThrashMetal]

Graseffi got together with the guitar player Marcello Ivanov to make a new band.

After testing some musicians , the ex Nervochaos, Sidney, was added to „line up“, just after that Marcello left the band.

On June 2003, with Pedro Lobão ( guitar ), Leandro Menze ( vocal ) and Thiago Grogia (bass) on line up, the Reviolence was formed.

With compositions influenced by Thrash Metal and dramatic vocals, the band recorded it’s first register, the EP „In Pieces“.

The EP was produced by Héros Trench and Marcelo Pompeu ( Mr. Som ‚ studio) from September to November 2003.

In the end of the EP production’s, Sidney leaves the band and Wal „Animal“ takes his place in the band.

Nowadays the band is working in it’s first CD.

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