Sagitta [HeavyMetal]

On the year 2000, after four years dedicated exclusively to his own job, the also guitarist Jean Silvestre received a call from Switzerland. It was his friend Yves Hofer, very well known cinema director, who was going to spend vacations in Brazil and as usual would be lodged at Jean’s home. Hofer also said he would like to film a video for Jean’s band: „Great! Bring your camera and we’ll make it.“. The only problem was that there were no songs, and actually there was no band.

Homepage von SagittaFrom that day on, Jean locked himself in his room with his guitar to compose the song for the video. After 3 days he already had some sketches of two songs but no style defined yet. For the musicians, Jean got his great friend Marcelo to play bass and his mate Maurício to the drums. A singer was still missing. Time passed by and the songs were finally ready with a sorta hard rock style. The Lyrics were written by Andréia, another Jean’s friend.

The project was named Snake Eyes. A demo cd with those two songs was recorded in a hurry at Mr. Som studios where they met Heros and Pompeu, Korzus members and also Ronaldo Simolla who used to sing on Delpht. Ronaldo was also the sound tech of the recordings and recorded backing vocals to the demo on the songs ‚Forgotten Fantasies‘ and ‚Breaking the Silence‘.

On August of that year, ‚Forgotten Fantasies‘ video was filmed with only Jean on guitar and vocals since the band splitted before filming sessions started.

All the project was put down for 1 year when finally Jean met Allan, a drummer that wanted to make a metal band with their own songs and a heavy style. They got those two songs and made heavier versions. That was the first step for the band formation. They made several tests with bassists and singers, all in vain.

During that time, Jean composed new songs with more lyrics of his friend Andréia: „Bad Signs“, „Angel Guide“ and „My Sins“ which were already rehearsed with a heavier style. Jean and Allan kept playing and dreaming about the missing members, hoping that they would show up sometime until February, 2002 when Allan’s phone rang. It was Alex Neves, an old friend that was interested in joining a band with the same style their project had been playing.

Alex took the test and it was perfect. A musician willing to play and that made a dream come true.

That was the right time to find a keyboardist and a singer. They’ve put many advertisings on websites, magazines and music school’s walls which led to many tests. Odair joined as a new singer and they started rehearsing every night. Even though they had to get up early to work, it was worth it. Alex started creating a studio at home so the band could rehearse freely and work more at the demo CD production.

They finally found a keyboardist; he had a good curriculum and the same purpose of playing. There was a problem though. He lived in Erechim, Rio Grande do Sul. Robson came to Sao Paulo, met the band went back to his town, left the orchestra where he used to play, closed down his college scholarship and moved to Sao Paulo city.

Near the cd demo recordings, Odair left the band and there they were again, looking for a new singer. They made many tests with male and female singers until Fernando (Rick), metal fan and music student, got the singer place. Rehearsals with the new singer began and the cd demo would be soon recorded.

A few troubles happened and the drummer left due to musical style problems. This time they didn’t need many tests with new drummers because Rick knew someone which he had with before. In a week Thiago was already playing and recording. „Bad Signs“, the demo cd was recorded while the band had no name. Alex suggested ‚Sagitta‘ and after explaining its origin and meaning, they agreed with it.

Sagitta started acting as a company, with plannings, aims and everything else. They conquered a good space at media that many older bands didn’t achieve. They’ve played around Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais and Santa Catarina besides interviews in websites, radio and TV shows.

On May, 2003, Sagitta recorded a live dvd including many special guests, even international very well known musicians. It wasn’t very hard to get the attention of record companies but they ended up signing with Hellion Records. On January 2004, they will start recording the new cd at the Creative Sound studio which will be mixed at Gate Studio by Sascha Paeth and mastered in Finnvox. The cd and DVD will be released on august of the same year.

That’s just the beginning of a long story that’s being written on the world of heavy metal.

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