Saponification [DeathMetal]

Life Denial –unholy brutal death metal band from the south of Ukraine. Gathered in September of 2001. From the beginning band is playing brutal death metal with aggressive guitar riffs, hammering drums, bombastic bass and growling. First recording is EP “Take your place” which has arrived in March of 2003. Life Denial is working now on debute album “Rebirth through perverse” in old school brutal death metal style with unholy lyrics. This album will tell you that Christianity was the greatest failure of humanity… Also while working on debute album Life Denial made split “Purgatory Of Satisfaction” with Saponification demo”Rotten Infestation” and is working on second split with Poland band Soulless and Extreme Rotten Flesh.

Two members of Life Denial have made side project Saponification and recorded demo “Rotten Infestation” and then full-length album “Paraxysm”- 29 minutes of maniacal forensick noise/goregrind music.

While working with Life Denial and Saponification band members are working in third their band Palace Of Frost. It plays Antihuman and Antichristian Black Metal and soon start recording of first album “From roots to heavens”.

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