Scornage [Thrashmetal]

SCORNAGE from Germany were founded back in 1998 and meanwhile they get a great live experience because of their european tours together with Terror Squad (2001) and King´s Evil (2004) from Japan and as well as their live shows with bands like Sodom / Holy Moses / Deicide / Tankard / Crowbar / Hatesphere / Dew Scented / Born From Pain…just only to name a few. Also they get a great response for their several club and festival shows throughout the year 2004 after their successful release of their current album “Sick Of Being Human”.

In 2005 SCORNAGE will hit the road again to do the second part of their „Sick Of Staying At Home Tour”, which will bring them again on stages across Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands. They will also play again several support shows for well known international metal acts.

SCORNAGE now has the offer to tour Japan and the Bay Area as well as Hawaii, but due to finacial costs they will maybe play this shows after the release of their next album which will be recorded in the beginning of 2006 and released during that year. At the moment SCORNAGE is looking for new label and distribution partners world wide!

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