Sephiroth [Death/Black]

Sephiroth was founded at January 29th 2003. Damien and his band members were looking for a singer so they placed a advertisement on the internet. Ben reacted on that advertisement. Damien asked Ben to come for a rehearsal. When Ben came to the rehearsal the members of the band said that he was good enough for the band.That was the beginning of Sephiroth. At 6th April Sephiroth have a bass player. Nibbel change her name and the new name is Sephiroth. at the 21th of May Sephiroth had finally a second guitar player his name is Gregory Den Hartog and in a few weeks our first demo will release. The first show was on 14th of june 2003 it was our first gig and it was great. at 25th of june Jeroen quit with Sephiroth cause there were any problems into the band now Sephiroth is possibly gonna play Death Metal. at 2 july Robert Fok quit cause he have no time anymore for the band Sephiroth is now gonna look for a new bass player. Sephiroth has now a new bass player his name is Renaldo den Hartog. He enjoy Sephiroth at 9 july 2003. The line up of Sephiroth is now complete again.

This is the line-up of Sephiroth
Ben de Graaff (vocals)
Gregory Den Hartog (guitars)
Damiën Kerpentier (drums)
Christian Both (guitars)
Renaldo Den Hartog (Bass)

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