Septic Breed [DeathMetal]

Septic breed was formed in the beginning of 2003 when Andreas, Dino (both guitars) and Timo (vocals) wanted to play brutal death metal in the vein of the American style. They needed a drummer who could play fast but yet with a technical style. On a drunken moment at New Years Eve ’02/03 Andreas met up with Erik Stenström who were then willing to play the drums. First Andreas was a bit doubtful if he could handle what they needed in the band. A couple of weeks later the four of them met up in a rehearsal room to try out Erik. Erik proved that he was what they required in the death metal act. Only after a couple of rehearsals they entered studio s116 (with Henke Wenngren of Skyfire) to record their first demo-CD. Septic breed was very satisfied with the result. In the middle of June, ’03 they had their first live appearance with Mange Wall (Throneaeon/Godhate) on bass. It went great. In october 2003 Mr Wall announced that he wanted to maintain playing bass in SP. So now with Septic Breed’s complete line-up they are exceedingly motivated to continue creating their music the way they had planned.

Vocals – Timo Kumpumäki

Lead/rhythm guitars – Dino Medanhodzic

Rhythm guitars/backing vocals – Andreas Lagergren

Bass – Mange Wall

Drums – Erik Stenström

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