Signs Of Cain [Death/Thrash]

January 2000 : Jacques (ex Body of Christ, ex Uxorious man), Luc (currently in Body of Christ) and Werner (ex Body of Christ, ex By all means) decide to form a band. The concept : A combination of thrash/death guitaarriffing and unconventional melodic interventions by a hugely overdriven synth (which as we see it is a second guitar).

The lack of a singer doesn’t stop us from playing a few shows . At that time the bandname is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

September 2001 : Our vocalist, called Stijn joins us. The bandname changes into UNCARVED and again we do a couple of shows.

July 2002 : We choose a final bandname : SIGNS OF CAIN

Zomer 2002 : We record our first demo-cd. This cd is recorded by the band itself in the rehearsalroom on harddisk with protools, mainly due to the lack of money, but also to escape studiodeadlines. This demo-cd (with 8 songs on it) will be distributed freely (to some extent) at our gigs an can also be ordered (we only charge post and packaging costs).

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