Shroud Of Bereavement [Soloprojekt]

Shroud of Bereavement was formed in 1996 by Dan Robinson as a solo project out of the ashes of Mourndrear (featuring former members of December Wolves). After spending five years writing and recording various demos, Robinson met co- producer Matthew Hajiads, who then introduced him to legendary writer/producer/engineer/violinist Andy Hallpel (Thanks to Gravity).

Robinson, then enlisted Happle’s talents as engineer /violinist.

Again, he was introduced to yet another legend, Hank Deckken (Metal Blade artists, Nevada Beach), owner of Dizzyland Recording Studios Rochester, N.H.

There, Robinson spent over 30 hours recording the first cut, „A Rose for a Dying Muse“ from the forth coming album „Alone Beside Her“. The song took an entire year to compose…Rose was written for the death of Robinson’s best friend, Dave Theberdge, in 2000. With a finished song, Robinson shopped it around in search of a live band. After enlisting the drummer, Dan Clarke, of Seattle’s own In Memorium, things started to take shape. Now, with a full live band featuring Jenn Judd (Autmn Tears) on vocals, Julie Rousseau on keys, Darryl Swett also on keys, David Starratt (Somber Blessings) on bass, a session guitarist, and Dan Robinson on vocals and guitars, they form the seven piece metal dirge that is Shroud of Bereavement… the possibilities are endless. The reviews and buzz on the street are amazing.

The amount of pre-orders for the album are up to blow-out proportions. Recently, Shroud has been added to various compilation CDs, one that is rumored to be featured in up coming issues of Metal Maniacs, and Unrestrained. Shroud has plans for a full-out live assault on N.E. and has also been invited to play local radio station WUNH, Durham -The Pitt, on top of having airtime on other various stations throughout America. You can see live photos of Shroud of Berevement on

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