Strange House [Heavy/Hard/Punk]

Featured Members

Paul Laughlin – Lead Vocals
Steve Lee – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals
Jason Silvester – Rhythm/Lead Guitars
Larry Micallef – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Quinn Madruga – Drums

Formed from the remains of such great acts like Lesdystics, Thresthrown, Chronic Phonic and many other local Sacramento acts, Strange House combines five talented musicians each with a desire, drive, and determination to make their sound known to the world. A mentality of practice, performance, and persistence being the key factors of the foundation of this band, Strange House is now an established band in the Northern California music scene, headlining shows at such venues as The Boardwalk. Strange House has also shared the stage with such great National/Touring acts as: Lacuna Coil, Pygmy Love Circus, Deconstruct, & Ghostride. Their music can be described as heavy, aggressive rock, overlaid with melodic soaring vocals. Drawing from such influences as: System of a Down, Tool, Sevendust, Rage Against The Machine, Queens of the Stone Age & The Deftones. Yet, with all these tremendous influences still have the ability to create a unique sound that has attracted fans from all over the world.

Strange House takes an approach to writing music with the music being the foundation, and the vocals being the soul. Each song has a unique structure and sound from the previous one heard. Categorizing would be to simplistic for a band such as Strange Houses various influences and talent.

Currently Strange House has just finished recording their ten-song album “454”, and is in the process of creating a new website at to support this album. Strange House is also in the works of putting together various mini-tours for the summer of 2004, along with NEW merchandise for the fans. 10 song album “454” will be in stores and distributed worldwide starting May 15th 2004. Go to the website for information regarding: streaming music, news and info, stay in tune with what we are doing. It’s going to be a very loud year for Strange House…

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