Stranglehold [HeavyMetal]

Stranglehold was founded in 1999 out of the ashes from 3 Ain’t Bad.

Former members Lorenzo Augusti (guitar, vocals) and Corina Stokmans (drums) have found the bass player in (the person of) André Kässinger.

After many years of searching singer Rik Wullaert completed the band in 2002.

Although their style of music is hard to describe, they like to call it Hard-‘N-Heavy.

Stranglehold has recorded several demo’s – under which one live registration – and a self-financed mini CD.

At this moment Stranglehold is preparing for the recording of a new demo/CD and rehearsing to present the new material to the public.

Stranglehold has already proven their live reputation but there’s always room for more.

So, if you wanna book this fantastic European band or if you want more information, contact us at the following sources :
Riemsterweg 12, 3740 Bilzen, Belgium

1997 : 3 Ain’t Bad
1999 : 3AB – Timeless
1999 : Stranglehold – Live
2000 : Stranglehold – self-financed mini CD
2002 : Stranglehold – new demo/CD ( rehearsal CD)
2002 : Stranglehold – live demo
2003 : Stranglehold new CDemo

official Website:

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