Tempered [KillerMetal]

Tempered began in Calgary, Alberta in a house on the Upper East Side. That was where Kyle, Matt, Mike and Adam moved in together and began to make music that would change their lives. At the time Kyle’s afro was small, but we all knew it grow and grow.

Playing in a band is a challenge for anybody. Performing and organizing gigs can be stressful too, but that’s the easy part. Getting along with each other is the hard part. While Tempered has been living together they have learned many things about each other and themselves. Most of all they have learned it’s all about the music they make together. That music has been recorded onto two CDs so far. One full length and a four-song demo. The sound may be less than professional, but the lesson has been learned. All in all a great job for their first time in a studio. Keeping all this in mind Tempered will overcome any challenge they overcome.

Whether it was being broke, having no food or arguing about whose turn it was to do the dishes, the music could make all that stress go away. The songs were like an entity, inside each member of the band. Incubating, craving its release. Things around the house could get real tense if the entity was not released on a regular basis. The amount that Tempered writes and practices is what keeps their demons at bay…at least so far.

Tempered writes music through feeling. They take the riff and a beat, and then go wherever the song takes them. Once Mike and Adam have created the foundation for the song, Kyle adds his bass flavour into the mix. Matt gives the song its voice. An intense vision of repressed violence and anger mixed with an ultimate drive to enjoy those certain things in life than can make each day seem right. Since starting in 2001, the band has evolved, as have the songs. A natural progression to make songs that are heavier, faster and more relentless. A hard jagged edge still holds true in their music, image and way of life.

Bursting with energy and the raw unique sound they’ve fashioned…

Tempered is a must see.

official Website: http://www.webdevil.com/tempered

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