Terminally Your Aborted Ghost [Death/Grind]

This horrid shit storm started years ago. It was started by Devon Wedge (Vocals) and Scott Smith (Drums) as a nameless noise/gore/grind band in the year 1999. It never yeilded anything substancial, so the two parted ways to persue other projects. The ideas died for a course of about two years. Then in the year 2001 the two realized that they should make a fresh start, take a more serious attitude, and start a brutal band. The two recruted local guitarist Mark Richards (Upon Crimson Wings) and moved into a practice studio to start writing tunes. After writing a few tunes they realized they didn’t suck that bad together, so they took a fucked up name sighting it would make people cringe upon hearing it. After a few months Mark decided to split from the band, and Joe Barrett tried out and joined on Bass. Searching for new guitar players brought two amazing musicians to their attention. Matt Rowe (Guitar) and Pat „The Hessan“ (Guitar) joined the band immediatly. The band then decide to start writing more direct, brutal material. Shortly after the band had enough material, a demo was recorded at Ultrasound Productions. After sending out tons of demos to labels big and small, the band was signed immediatly by Macabre Mementos Records out of Japan. Joe (then Bassist) was asked to leave the band due to personal conflicts. He was immediately replaced by our good friend Nick Conway. Shortly after Nick joined on Bass, another friend named Ryan Frazier joined the band to do crazy high pitched screams. Brand new material is currently in the works for a debut full length entitled „Slowly Peeling The Flesh From The Inside Of A Folded Hand“ that will be released sometime in the Spring 2003. Also a split CD is slated in the next few months with brutal Swedish band Stabwound. After that we’ll see…

official Website: http://www.tyag.cjb.net

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