The Circle Of Zaphyan [DeathMetal]

The circle of zaphyan was created at the start of 2002 by athanassios aggelis, (who is the basic composer) and kostas savvidis(ex-nightfall). later on apollon zigomalas joined the band as the vocalist and lyrics writer. the style of the music can be described as sinister/space death metal. the basic concept on the lyrics concern mostly space, strange phenomena of the universe, science and technology, all that filtered through a ‚veil‘ of inner searching , with a mood of melancholy and dark atmosphere…with one word, chaotic. the first interference came on april-may 2002, with the ’sublimation‘ demo.the demo contained 3 tracks and was recorded in our personal studios, ‚the zero gravity studios‘. production was also made by athanassios. the logo and artwork of the cd was made by apollon’s friend, draenzarth (end). the band hasn’t made any interviews or sent any demos to radio stations / webzines. right now, the band has completed the debut album entitled ‚biochemical psychosynthesis eternal‘, which is planned to be released within 2004. also the band has 2 new session members: the god george kollias (nightfall, sickening horror) on the drums and ilias daras (sickening horror) on the bass guitars.

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