The Mist [Heavy Metal]

The Mist was founded in 2002,from Ritche(g) and Nico(dr).

After a while Marc(g) joined the Band.

Searching for a Leadsinger,they found Oli.

At the Bassguitar there have been a few changes.

But now it`s Danny poppin`the bassguitar.

It`s a Band which combines various metal of the 80`s with a charismatic live performance.

They`ve got earcatching melodies combined with hard riffing.

That`s what the people say who got drawn into The Mist`s spellbound…

Playing Gigs with Bands like Freedom Call and Rage made them a little more popular. They even gained second place playing at „Mosel Open Air“ in 2002.

Releases are:

The Mist 2002

Cemetary Gates 2004 (sold out)

Between the islands 2006 (in production)

Line up:






So if you would like to hear something of The Mist just check: and click Media!

Keep it heavy

official Website:

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