Thyoneus [DeathMetal]

THYONEUS is a Death metal band, formed in 1998 by Juan Guillermo Lozano (Bass), Mauricio Morales (Guitar), Juan F. Restrepo (Vocals) and Luis Felipe Cajiao (Drums). After some rehearsals, David Paez entered the band playing guitar, but later he left the band. Later on february and march ´99 the band recorded their first demo-tape „Ritos de Dolor“ that has 6 tracks (30 min). Their lyrics talk about death and pain and are in spanish. After the band finish recording the Demo-tape, Juan Felipe Restrepo left the band so Mauricio Morales start to been (Guitar – Vocals). Then on March /00 Ernesto Cajiao (vocals) entered the band.

On september /02 Juan Guillermo Lozano left the band, so Mauro Moncada entered to play the bass and Sergio Gaviria to play the guitar

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