Torment [DeathMetal]

TORMENT was founded in the summer of ’99 by Jens Decaluwé (guitar), Manuel Vandecandelaere (guitar), Nicolas Hernandez (drums), UllieVandendriesche(vocals) and David Caytan (bass). Later on, Curd „Carlos“ Callewaert replaced Manuel on guitar.

Their homebase is Oostrozebeke, near Kortrijk in Belgium.

TORMENT plays death metal with influences of bands like Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Cryptopsy,…. However, the band certainly doesn’t want to sound like a copy of these bands. The songs have a rather complex structure but they are not just a sequence of riffs. Most important is the song structure and the feeling within the songs.

The fresh and original drum playing, brutal guitar riffs alternating with fine harmonic pieces and a accurate bass characterize TORMENT to what it is today.

TORMENT is distinguished from other death metal bands due to the vocals. The vocal patterns are carefully worked out with a huge variation. A low grunting throat (no slaughtered pig!, heavy and understandable), some backing screaming parts and mighty, dark, clean voice passages add another dimension to the songs.

TORMENT has a new demo-CD out „Hate Fulfilled“ recorded at the Suys Studios. Their first demo „Sickening obsessions“ (anno 2000) has also been recorded there.

„Hate fulfilled“ contains four new tracks.

UllieVandendriesche – vocals

Nicolas Hernandez – Drums

Curd „Carloz“ Callewaert – guitars

David Caytan – Bass

Jens Decaluwé – guitars (also plays in Caducity)

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