Torian [PowerMetal]


August (Wacken Open Air Festival): Formation of Torian



Singer Marc Hohlweck joins (Ex-Docktor Rockter, Ex-Imprisoned)

June 14th

Live Premier in the “Grünen Frosch” / Paderborn with Royal Sonic, rapidly followed by many more live appearances all over Germany with bands such as Stormwarrior, Night in Gales, Dark Age, Orden Ogan etc.


Release of the 3 track demo CD “Into the Winter”. Reviews soon followed, mostly from Germany, however a few were received from the rest of Europe and overseas. The Verdict? Positive to Euphoric. Click on “Reviews” for more.


July 5th

Finalist in the “Rock This Town” battle of the bands competition for the Frühlings Fest, Paderborn. (with the second highest number of points since the highly celebrated qualifying concert in the “Cafete” Paderborn, December 2003). Awarded 2nd place!


Record Deal with the Italian label “Underground Symphony Records” (Labyrinth, White Skull, Doomsword, Shadows of Steel and Skylark).

September / October

Recording of Debut Album “Dreams Under Ice” in Westwood Recording Studios, Paderborn.


Torian part company with drummer Manuel Will on friendly terms. Taking over from him, David Hambach (Slyde, Display, Ex-Ablaze).



Release of Debut Album “Dreams Under Ice”.

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