Bloodbath – Ressurection through Carnage

I myself never experienced the come-up of death metal, but this CD is the proof that it must have been a great time. Mike Akersfeldt (vocals; from Opeth) and Dan Swano (too many famous bands to mention them all) are just two of the members of this project (not a full-time band). They made an MCD before (‚Breeding Death‘) and didn’t want to do another recording, but after a huge stream of fanmail they decided to change their mind. The result is an old-skool ten-tracked mid-tempo death metal album filled with catchy songs and crusty guitars. The band planned not to use any equipment available at the time of the deathmetal rising, so they sound quite authentic. The drums are not so fast as in the current death metalbands, and overall they are not as extreme but their songs keep stickin‘ around in your head. Most songs are great, my personal favourites are ‚Ways to the Grave‘, ‚Death Delirium‘, and ‚Cry my Name‘. They can be compared a bit with Grave and that’s a compliment ofcourse. A last thing: Mike Akersfeldt is an amazing singer, he has various ways of using his grunt and you can even hear WHAT he’s singing! The best part of his voice comes to pass in the song ‚Death Delirium‘ in the chorus, where he raises his voice or something like that, I don’t know how to describe it but anyways it sounds really really cool.


8/10 Points – reviewed by Bloodreaver

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