Brutal God – For All The Death

Death Metal / Grindcore

01. For All The Death

02. Core City

03. Demon of Heaven

04. Brutal Star

05. Die

Brutal God is a Swiss Brutal Death Metal band formed in 1999. The band is very simple in their biography: they want to play hard and fast Metal. Undergoing some line-up changes through the years, For All The Death was their first release followed by Painful Damned Trip, being their debut full-length in 2003. Since then, they’ve also released another full-length, Days of Terror, and are currently in the studio to record their new album which will be out at the end of this year.

Though there are only five tracks, For All The Death is a fair representation of what the band stands for I imagine. If we try to cut through the uneven production sound, we can hear the music continuously keeps varying speeds and intensities, this being done without ever getting near a progressive sound. On the contrary, the vocals rarely stray from the unmelodic, invariable deep Death Metal sound, which you could see as well-fitting for the style Brutal God wants to bring. The song structures seem a bit pieced together at times, which unfortunately makes the flow and dynamic get lost. This also gives the feeling of hastiness on the material resulting in lousily played parts.

The main consequence to the previous points is that it makes the album utterly boring. Due to all the distorted-shifting guitar and drum work you will soon get the feeling of listening to a one track album which keeps going on and on. The only somewhat better song is Die, simply because it is the sole track consisting of different, groovy Death Metal riffing with a clearer structure.

With a polished production and a better song realisation, this Death Metal act would probably be more accessible. As this is Brutal God’s first demo, I might advise to check out more recent releases in the presumption and hope that they have improved their song composition


5/10 Points – reviewed by Lyra

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