Deviser – Running Sore

Best black metal album ever! Best black metal album ever! Best black metal album ever! Do I have everyone’s attention? This CD is so FUCKING good it still gives me the creeps when I listen to it. And that for an album I already have a few years. I’m listening to opener ‚Signals from another World‘ at this point of writing the review and I’m already in hot anticipation for coming songs such as ‚Liber Animus‘, ‚I am in awe‘, ‚She who is to come‘, and ‚Descend among the Damned‘. But what am I talking about? ALL songs are good on this disc! Not ONE filler ladies and gents!

Now that I have vented my enthusiasme, I can start telling about the music. Deviser is a Greek black metal band, and ‚Running Sore‘ is their third full-lenght. They do have that typical ‚Greek sound‘ which means lots of melody and dreamy parts, but Deviser has the gift to create songs in which melody and agression go hand in hand. They’re more extreme than for example Rotting Christ, but their songs are just as catchy! Singer Matt switches between cool screams and deep grunts, and every song stands on itself and keep stickin‘ in your head from very early on. Variety is law on this album and that makes listening to Running Sore‘ an exciting musical journey into long forgotten times and places (the artwork makes me think of Abigor’s ‚Satanized‘). And when you hear the last tones of the CD fading away, and the opening riff suddenly pops up again (same riff at beginning and end of the CD) you will recognize it, and it will make you mourn the journey has ended. What an album…


10/10 Points – reviewed by Bloodreaver

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