Dissenter – Apocalypse of the Damned

Another good band from Poland, formerly known as Bloodlust. They are together for more than 13 years now, so they can be considered „old skool.“ This disc has an underground charme over it that I very much like. They sound a bit like a more agressive version of Morbid Angel but less experimental and with a more filthy sound. Drummer Mlody plays tight as my little cousins *ss and is probably one of the better and faster drummers in the current metalscene. Together with Garbaty (vocals; bass) and Heter (guitar) he brings you almost 45 minutes of fast, skull smashing old-skool death metal of high quality. Odd though that this band didn’t wrote their own lyrics (just like Vader, must be something Polish). My fave songs? „Death Author“ and the last song


„Death’s Arena“

8/10 Points – reviewed by Bloodreaver

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