Escalationunit Chaos Engine – The Worlds Last Days

Metalcore/ Trash


Own Production (Chaos Productions)

Tracklist (25:05 min.)

01. The Worlds Last Days

02. Nameless

03. Unbreakable

04. War Behind My Eyes

05. Planet Wars

Escalationunit Chaos Engine (that’s one hell of a name!) is a German Underground Metalband. There are two versions of ‚The Worlds Last Days‘, their third demo album, on the market. The extended version, with two rerecorded songs from older demos (‚World Demise‘, 1998 and ‚Chaos Mutation‘, 2002) and five new songs. Then there’s this version, with only the new material. They have been working well on the production so it seems, knowing that this cd is produced by the band itself.

EUCE describes their style as ‚machinecore‘, a mixture between Industrial Metal and Hardcore. You can also find influences of Trash Metal in their music making them sound like bands such as Machine Head and Sepultura (Going back to the ‚Roots‘ of this genre). EUCE combines Heavy and Melodic riffs with typical Hardcore drums. ‚The Worlds Last Days‘ has a very catchy and melodic chorus, certainly a sing-a-long. The guitar crunch is so overwhelmingly heavy that you need to see an ear specialist after listening to this first track. The drumming especially is very tight and top notch, and this is true to the whole cd. The vocals are harsh just like they should be for this genre. My favorite track is ‚War Behind My Eyes‘ because the verses come over aggressive before a super-heavy, double-bass-driven chorus unleashes the Metal-hammer on your ears, great! I have also to mention, that not all songs are that catchy. You need some spins to get ready with the band’s material. That was at least my impression. But apart from that, all thumbs up as EUCE is a band with future because they are up to date without being too predictable. Check out these guys, they are ready to create their own style and stand out from the mass.

8/10 Points – reviewed by Lyra

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