Eternal Tragedy – Voice of Instinct (demo)

There are times in a reviewers life that the inevitable happens. You get to review something you don’t really like… To start at the beginning, Eternal Tragedy is (on this demo) a two-man band consisting of the Italian Stefania Ponzilacqua (guitars, bass and vokills) and the Dutchman Iwan Hendrikx (drums). This is the bands‘ second efford. So far, no sweat. When I put my CD in my player is where the problems begin. The demo consists of two long songs, ‚Eternal Tragedy‘ and ‚Outside of Mercy‘. They both have the same problems. According to the band their style has been compared to Dream Theater and Death, but I do not share this opinion. ET makes technical death metal with more ‚blackened‘ vokills. The thing is, the band seems to be too intend on technical skill, and forgets about the songs. The riffs, though impressive, are not a ‚whole‘, the songs don’t sound like SONGS! There are some vague parts that seem to be steerless, apparantly serving no purpose. The songs are also too long (6 min. 36 and 5 min. 52 respectively), halfway during the songs my thoughts drift to other things. As a whole, this demo sounds more like a long, complex jam instead of a true CD.

Is everything truly that bad??? Well obviously the two band members know how to handle their instuments, and the second song has some nice thrashy riffing in it. I think if they take a more set course, and focus on the songs, a third demo might be more to my liking. I suggest the two gentlemen listen to such bands as Visceral Bleeding for a while to hear how technical skill and songwriting can go hand in hand… For now, though, I’m not at all pleased with what I hear.


5/10 Points – reviewed by Bloodreaver

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