Fallen Yggdrasil – In no sense Innocence

Fallen Yggdrasil is a German death metalband, and ‚In no sense innocence‘ is their second release (I think). In the biography, I saw that lots of other zines gave this band tremendously high scores, and things like ‚intense‘ and ‚original‘ were often said about the band. Even though all the 10 out of 10 scores seem to be a bit exaggerated, I agree with my colleagues from the other zines that this is a very good band. The first thing I notice when I start the CD is the very clear sound of the album. I especially like the sound of the double bassdrums, and not only that, but the drummer seems to be fond of his kickdrums as well; he uses them a lot, and I don’t mind that at all!

The vocals are a mix between deathmetal and hardcore vox, and they sound fine as well. The guitars are good, relatively technical, and the riffs are original and varied enough to make the whole album interesting. Not a boring moment, and thats the best thing about this MCD! All the songs have their own identities and only after a few times listening they keep sticking in your head.

Fallen Yggdrasil isn’t just ordinairy US skullsmashing deathmetal, they write intelligent songs, that sound FRESH! They combine agression with some more melodic elements, and I think that sometimes they sound more like a technical thrashmetal band than a true deathmetal band. Don’t let that describtion deter you from trying this band, I strongly doubt they will dissapoint you.


8/10 Points – reviewed by Bloodreaver

official Website: http://www.fallen-yggdrasil.de

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