Fallen Yggdrasil – Prospect of Prey

1. Save Me (In the Name of God) 4:31

2. In the Fire 4:06

3. Memory Assassin 5:06

Fallen Yggdrasil are a German Melodic Death Metal act. For whoever receives the opportunity to get Prospect of Prey into their hands, it is a true piece of beauty. The CD literally has a golden shine to it. The band itself has gone through a pretty impressive lifespan as well. Since being forged in 1997, they have released demos, tapes, split-tapes and EP’s, were under the Supreme Chaos label for some years, are currently about to release a self-financed full-length and played gigs along side great names such as Pro Pain, Dismember, Sodom, God Dethroned, Centinex and Holy Moses with an average close to 20 concerts a year.

When comparing Prospect of Prey to their previous release, Building Up A Ruin To Come, you can hear they’ve progressed into a faster, more technical and extreme formation in the Death Metal genre. Fallen Ygdrassil’s Melodic Death mostly leans towards a Pagan sound. You could say they are influenced by bands such as Tiamat, but you can even find Power and Trash Metal elements into their music. Especially the guitar work is very Trash orientated. There is also nothing Progressive to it. They swear their allegiance to the old-school sound and roots of Death Metal.

Prospect of Prey is in the first place a promotional demo and you can immediately sense this by the opener track Save Me (In The Name of God). It is an absolute hammer in, probably one of the best tracks ever written by Fallen Yggdrasil. Some brilliant heroic vocals combined with very clever and catchy guitar riffs. After this, the demo passes on to the double-bass-driven and dynamic In The Fire. To end with, Memory Assassin is the sing-along-at-gigs track of the demo. It is a very powerful, first class stomper with a lot of hit potential. All three songs are indulged with typical Fallen Yggdrasil melodies which have turned into their trademark. A down-point would be both In The Fire and Memory Assassin end with a somewhat misplaced fade-out. It almost feels like you are listening to samples. Also, the production quality leaves room for improvement, though it is still clear and the right framework for the sound Fallen Yggdrasil is bringing.

Fallen Yggdrasil are on the outlook for a new label deal and therefore, have a do-it-yourself promo kit on their website where you can download both the songs and the covers of Prospect of Prey, so what are you waiting for!


8/10 Points – reviewed by Lyra


official Website: http://www.fallen-yggdrasil.de

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