Inhumate – Life

This band already walks the earth for 14 years but up to recently I had only heard of them. ‚Life‘ is the fourth full-lenght in a planned serie of seven albums that encompass the process of life and time. Or something. Personally I am more interested in the music of Inhumate, and I like that music pretty much. There are 15 tracks on this CD and a16th part which encompasses some live-songs. The style of this band is grind/death with a clean sound, simple but effective riffing, and killer drums. On top of that ‚Life‘ has probably the most varied vokills I ever heard on an album! Really, singer Christophe screams, grunts, vomits, laughs, coughs, barks and even uses ‚clean‘ vocals (on ‚the Scorpion‘)!! Although the songs ‚Rage‘ and ‚No Answer‘ contain some grooving parts, most of the songs consist mainly of blasting and skull-smashing grind passages. I have to admit, all songs are of high quality (except for the weak song ‚Destiny‘), and Inhumate is obviously a good band. If you put this CD on during a party, then none of your grind- and deathmetal friends are gonna object, but… I miss this special SOMETHING! It’s all good stuff but I miss the spark that makes me want to change my room into a freaking moshpit……and I know what the problem is. This CD makes me remember my ‚Cannibal Corpse-syndrom‘. Not that Inhumate sounds like that band, but with Cannibal Corpse I always have the same thing as I have with this band. Inhumate is a band that belongs on stage!! The live-part of ‚Life“ is outstanding, and better than the studio-songs. Now I’m listening to the insane grindmonster I want to hear! If this band comes to the Netherlands in the future than you can be sure that I’ll be there to see it! For now I suggest that you surf to, download some of their songs, and see for yourself if you like them. My compliments for the cool cover by the way, and I’ll see you guys on the road…


8/10 Points – reviewed by Bloddreaver

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