Inhumate – Life


01. No Answer

02. A trip

03. Blasted (History of a Dive)

04. Destiny?

05. Labyrinth

06. I want to kill some… (Part 4)

07. Sickness Is The Law

08. Sons of Earth

09. The Fight

10. For Lust

11. N.D.S.

12. The Scorpion

13. Thank You

14. Rage

15. One Day

16. Life?

French band Inhumate first saw daylight in 1990, with a clear image of what their goals would be. Now, 16 years later, they are still holding on strongly to their beliefs and their love for the Underground Metal scene. Through the years, they have declined many a record deals, being a 100% Underground, independent, self-produced band, supporting the Metal cause.

Life is the fourth full-length in a planned serie of seven albums that encompass the process of life and time. Internal Life is the first part, an illustration of the antenatal life. Followed by Expulsion, the moment of birth, and the self-explanatory Growth.

Inhumate is not your regular Grindcore band. They deliver a Grind / Death clean sound with effective riffing and exquisite drum work. Fast changes, blastbeats by the dozen, Yannick does it all and more, changing his drums into a war machine of mass destruction. Most of the time, Grindcore guitarists tend to be pushed into the background due to the massive wave of drum and vocal violence, though David manages to show everyone he is a decent shredder. On top of that, singer Christophe probably has one of the most varied Grindcore vocals out there, shifting from low screams to high screams, grunts, vomits, clean vocals, barks, you name it. Next to the 15 normal tracks, the 16th part contains some live songs. Live these guys are a very tight unit, showing they all master their instruments and everything is well-rehearsed.

Inhumate are an admirable self-realised band. They show everyone you do not need a record company deal to tour throughout Europe, produce professional albums and achieve a higher status in the Metal scene. Having the freedom to express their own and only their own creativity and ideas, they provide us with an outstanding album of controlled madness and original brutality.


9/10 Points – reviewed by Lyra

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