Philosopher – Thoughts


1 Seven Hundret Steps of Depper Slumber

2 Awakeing Senses

3 Beyond Darkness

4 Elysia

5 What Dwells Beyond

6 Wounds

7 Nephren Kah

8 47°9’S126°43’w

9 Dreamside

10 World In Rapture

11 I am Providence

Have you listened to Thoughts yet? If not, then you’re missing out on a unique Death Metal album. Thoughts is a collection of various influences and changes up at the drop of a dime.

A stimulating tension melds from this album churning morbid rythm and riffing. Philosopher provides precise and basic styling Death Metal. The rythmic emphasis harbors riffs cycling in groups whose motion mirrors resolution to the themes in each song.

Their drummer adds so much to the musical onslaught that he changes simple riffs into powerful statements. The vocals are aggressive and rip your face off which makes the music more genius. Not that they play really complex pieces but they change tempo and it feels so tight you have to admire their musicianship. The complexity comes from the arrangements. Impressive! Thoughts is an album full of heavy, melancholic Death Metal: an array of trashing riffs added with melody and powerful drumming. Inlfuences of Morbid Angel and early Nile (especially in the solo of Beyond Darkness and the intro of Dreamside) can also be heard.


8/10 Points – reviewed by Lyra

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