Rotten Sound – Murderworks

Though this is a bit older CD (begin 2002) I just wanted to know all of you who read this, that this is a masterpiece. I bought this disc when there was this HUGE storm in the Netherlands. There was no traffic possible so I had to spent the night in a gloomy little bugget inn, sharing a room with 5 Scotch people who where smoking weed all night long. I’m sure these guys must have blamed the green stuff for seeing the guy with the earplugs banging his head all the time, but it was pure reality! ‚Murderworks‘ can be placed in death metal corner though there are also some grind influences. The singer screams (no grunts), but although I normally prefer a deathgrunt, in this case it didn’t matter much, cause he’s okay. The drums are constantly above 200 bpm (that’s what the sticker on the CD said) but I believe this number to be higher. The guitars are sharp, and not really pitched low, but it suits the style of Rotten Sound.

This guys have quite a unique style (I never really heard a band which sounded like Rotten Sound), and I wish them well. If you want to annoy your neighbours you should buy this CD. By the way, make sure you have high quality boxes otherwise they will be blown out! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


8/10 Points – reviewed by Bloodreaver

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