Walls of Jericho – All Hail The Dead

Genre: Hardcore

01. All Hail The Dead

02. There’s No I In Fuck You

03. A Little Piece Of Me

04. Another Anthem For The Hopeless

05. Revival Never Goes Out Of Style

06. Day And A Thousand Years

07. Through The Eyes Of A Dreamer

08. 1:43 AM

09. Jaded

10. Thanks For The Memories

11. More Life In The Monitors

12. Fixing Broken Hearts

13. To Be Continued…

Walls of Jericho is back with another killer album. The release of All Hail The Dead makes them an even more uprising force in the underground Hardcore scene. The power of this album is best described by Candace herself: “On this new record, I am thinking about things in a more sophisticated and personal way. These new songs are more clear-cut. I have incorporated more of my personal life in this record, and I really lay myself on the line. I share my heartaches and grief, what makes me tick and what destroys me. I want to share. I want to reach people who feel like they’re alone and give them a voice that allows them to be strong and know they will survive. On this new record, I didn’t want to hold back no matter what.”

Their sound doesn’t tend to lean towards the Metal genre, like you can hear in a lot of Hardcore bands nowadays, but gives you some of the true Hardcore flavour. And this time it all sounds better recorded and clearer. Candace is screaming the lungs out of her body with a kind of ferocity that makes you turn into a frenzy. Her vocals form a perfect combination with the catchy and very effective mosh guitar riffs.

I’ve seen them live before buying All Hail The Dead and I must say that their new songs sound more heavy on stage than they do on the album. Mainly because of the contrast between the pounding double bass at the live performance and the rather flat bass sound on All Hail The Dead. That doesn’t stop me from regularly spinning the album, though.

Nothing but great respect for the way Walls of Jericho stick to their beliefs and always give the crowd a crushing performance. Luckily they didn’t make us wait another four years for the next release!

Personal highlights: There’s No I In Fuck You, A Little Piece Of Me, Revival Never Goes Out Of Style


10/10 Points – reviewed by Lyra

official Website: http://www.wallsofjericho.tv

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