Woslom – Beyond Inferno

This three song EP from Brazilian thrashers Woslom is an impressive package. The music, early Metallica vein, is played well. Vocalist/rhythm guitarist Tiago’s voice is deeper than Hetfield’s, but his phrasing shows a definite influence from Metallica’s frontman. In fact, the uptempo song ‚Payback‘ sounds like it could have been recorded in the Kill ‚m All period. ‚What Lies Within‘ is a well executed mid-tempo number, which contains some heavier riffs and clean vocals of Tiago. ‚No Tomorrow‘ has a catchy, hardcore-like tune with nice tempo changes (tip!). Well produced, classic early thrash and intelligently written passages.

Tracklist: 01) Payback 02) What lies within 03) No tomorrow album-info:

Playtime: 12:17 minutes Trash/ Heavy Metal Release: April 2004


10/10 Points – reviewed by Lyra

official Website: http://www.woslom.net

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