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King Bong

King Bong was born in the year of VIII, the breed of one night of wild intercourse between the Universal Evil and the very principle of Life. The Beast has claimed the intergalactic throne as his own and has immediately… Weiterlesen →

Eternity Void [Death/Doom]

Eternity Void came together in the summer of 2003 as a result of Mike and Evan’s desire to get together and play metal. After writing and recording 2 songs they recruited high school friend and former bandmate (in other musical… Weiterlesen →

Mournful Gust [Doom-Metal]

Ukrainian doom metal band MOURNFUL GUST came together in 1999 featuring ex-members of other local bands: Temple Of Oblivion and Vae Solis. In a period of one year the line-up has finally been completed and songs for the future album… Weiterlesen →

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