Godhate [DeathMetal]

THRONEAEON, now changing their name to GODHATE, have managed to keep the flame of death metal burning in more than a decade. The unholy years bear the stamp of high quality and has yield remarkable releases. The latest release (entitled “Godhate”) has, beside good production, been blessed with the sheer brutal talents of drummer Matte Modin of DARK FUNERAL!!

Throneaeon, formed in –91, let the world wait until –95 until the first demo was unleashed upon mankind. And from this first mark of existence they have managed to impress the death metal world with every new release.

The new album has already been placed 2nd on swedishmetal.net among bands like Dimmu Borgir, Arch enemy, Nevermore, Gorgoroth etc.

In –97, after turning down a few offers from various underground labels, Throneaeon/Godhate decided to let the world know who should be ruling the hellish thrones in the future. The classic “Carnage” demo, consisting 4 tracks of pure satanic and blasphemous death metal, got released and gained great reviews in both bigger and smaller magazines…

It got elected as the 6th best demo of the year by the famous Close-up magazine.

It didn´t take long until a record deal was signed and the Mcd “With Sardonic wrath” (HEL 001) was let loose in –99. Do we have to tell you that the reviews were even better this time…?

Fear magazine:

&#x…Throneaeon ripps away 4 whipping fast high quality death metal tracks…”

Nordic Vision magazine #15:

&#x…finally available on a CD.. …this small disc could make it´s way inside the brain…”

Close-up magazine #36:

„THRONEAEON have succeeded where so many others have failed…“

Unholy Terror magazine#2:

&#xThis MCD which contains four excellent hymns of brutal, blasphemous and absolutely non-trendy death metal.”

The success kept on going and the non-compromising art of death metal finally finds it´s way to the Hammerheart record office. In –00 an agreement was signed and the creation

of the full length debut, entitled “Neither of gods”, could begin.

&#xNeither…” was released in August –01 and was followed by a successful European tour with the grind bastards BENEDICTION. 1500 promo-cd’s were sent out to all the major radio-station’s and magazines, and again THRONEAEON/GODHATE gained good reviews.

Agonia Magazine:

&#xOne of the best newcomers from Sweden? YES!!”

Beat the blizzard webzine:

&#x…they are one of very few Swedish bands that plays this kind of brutal death metal variety.”


&#x…If they are given a fair listen by the heavy metal media, they will likely be very successful.”


„Death metal can’t get much better than that.“

In 2003 the furious and blasphemous horde are ready to strike with a new full length album.

This time on the underground label Forensick music.

Recorded, as usual in Studio Underground, the new opus, entitled “Godhate” turned out being even more aggressive and violent then previous releases. Additional battery, on some of the tracks, by drummer Matte Modin (DARK FUNERAL/ DEFLESHED).

At the same time Throneaeon decides to change name to “GODHATE”. The new CD is still released under the banner of Throneaeon, but from now on the band will go by the name GODHATE!


Tony Freed – Guitars & vocals

Roger Sundquist – Drums

Jens Klovegard – Guitar

Magnus Wall – Bass


With Sardonic Wrath – 1999 (Helgrind records)

Neither of gods – 2001 (Hammerheart records)

Godhate – 2003 (Forensick music)


1. Oblivion

2. Heading Inwards

3. In loathing (for your god)

4. To forever be

5. Laid to waste

6. Genocide in grace

7. Divine soul

8. Blackwinged

9. On the highest throne


PO Box 3091

720 03 Västerås


official Website: http://www.godhate.com

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