Genital Grinder [Brutal/Death/Grind]

Formed in 1990 under the name of Mass Slaughter, with the release of the “Mass Putrefaction” demo (produced by Andy from the Italian Metal Gods Bulldozer) the band changed the name to the actual Genital Grinder. It was soon clear what kind of sound G.G. would have: and extreme and brutal mix of Death Metal and Grindcore with unmerciful riffs, hammering drums and gore vocals, ranging from deep growls to high pitched screams. After endless gigs, a European tour, the release of a promo CD and several lineup changes, the band has now recorded its first full length album, out in Spring 2015 under Eyes Of The Dead Productions on CD format.
Gala – vocals
Ale – guitar
Abe – guitar
Luca – bass
Buccia – drums
Band conctacs:

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