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Kanseil [Folk Metal]

Kanseil is a Folk Metal project begun in late 2010 in Fregona, Veneto, Italy. It’s named after the ancient name of Cansiglio, its home-place’s mountains, that are often told about in its songs. The band looks for an own style,… Weiterlesen →

Genital Grinder [Brutal/Death/Grind]

GENITAL GRINDER – BIO Formed in 1990 under the name of Mass Slaughter, with the release of the “Mass Putrefaction” demo (produced by Andy from the Italian Metal Gods Bulldozer) the band changed the name to the actual Genital Grinder…. Weiterlesen →

Genital Grinder – Abduction

Eyes Of The Dead Prod.s is proud to unleash to the masses the new GENITAL GRINDER full length CD titled „Abduction“. Fuck yes! These prime movers of italian death metal scene (they’re active since 1990 under the monicker Mass Slaughter) are… Weiterlesen →

Necrosy [Extreme Metal]

BIOGRAPHY Necrosy is an extreme metal band from Italy, formed in 2013, when the drummer Christian Giusto decided to experiment with the fastest side of extreme music. Their First EP is a bloody trip of annihilation, suicide and futuristic visions… Weiterlesen →

Maya [Symphonic Metal]

Underground Symphony is proud to announce that Maya has just officially entered its roster, for debut album release. The italian band, founded in 2011 by guitar player Alex Mognoni togheter with Holy Gates former members Mirco Petocchi and Alessandro Quadrelli,… Weiterlesen →

HELLRAISER – Nightmare

First extract from „REVENGE OF THE PHOENIX“: HELLRAISER’s first EP, out in july 2014. Pure Heavy Metal made in Italy

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